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Print Media Is Alive And Kicking Butt

With all the new technological advances in the world, you might think that print media would be fading away. In fact the opposite it true, print media is still widely used by businesses and appreciated by your consumers.  There is just something about holding a well designed print brochure that gives your produced/services value.  People look through tens if not hundreds of emails in a day scanning for anything that is important, deals and promotions can sometimes be overlooked. The printed brochure, catalog, magazine...etc., gets lot more attention and is classed as more valuable. In fact, a recent survey by International Communications Research reveals that 73% of consumers prefer mail over other forms of advertising.

  • Businesses that combine their print and digital media marketing efforts are finding great success. It’s hard to find a business card or brochure that doesn’t contain the company’s Twitter, Facebook or website address address. Nielson reports that over 50% of businesses combine their social media advertising with print media. It’s a smart tactic to have each medium integrated with each other to improve results for both.

Print media isn’t dead but merely an alternative avenue. People don’t realize the amount of beneficial work that print does for a company through everyday interaction you subconsciously become more and more familiar with each brand.

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