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Trends in Magazine Design

According to many market predictors, print is dead with the overwhelming success of digital age. But this is a million dollar topic of debate. Is it actually true that print is collapsed completely? Well, with the drastic makeover of the print media will never glorify that statement rather they will throw another one by saying "long live prints".

The hottest trends in magazine designs are enough to prove there is a war. Gone are the days when people used to read the content and check the images shared in the magazines. Nowadays, the designs crafting the latest trends of magazine layouts consider design-less is more enticing. All the features, content, news, images etc are presented in optimum style. Some magazines are elevated their levels to a mark of souvenir.

How will you plan to make such a clean yet revolutionizing magazine design per trends? We have something to share-

Don’t do so much

Keep your magazine layout clean and attracting for the readers. Starting from placing the images to content- you have to make sure that nothing is overdone on the layout. Keep it slick yet enticing with the quality of papers, images, and the way of presenting the whole book. Elevate it to the strata of an artwork and the rest you know how to win hearts of the million readers.

Smart Images

Even if you are publishing a food and drinks magazine, your photographer should be smart enough with the knowledge to display the culinary to the readers, just it was plated by the chef. The same goes for the image in your gardening article. Let the image hold your reader’s hands and take him to the garden where the oranges are hanging from the groves.

Content management

Magazine using white space is the area where the content does the action. It is not only about the layout, but also the content that should be very catchy and useful. Moreover, the style of writing the new-age content is witty, funny and engaging. Blog style of travelogue, fashion or wedding articles are much in and the writers are really doing a great job.

The fonts and colors should be chosen smartly

It is really very important to choose the right and most effective fonts as well as the colors. Usually, the main color of the content is black rather the cover page or the special CTAs.

Therefore, these are a couple of magazine design trends that you can consider following if you are intending to chalk a layout of a printed magazine.

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